Universal Supply Co.

Roofing Increase

May 3, 2018

To our valued customers;

Due to the recent price increase announcements from all major Roofing manufacturers, we are forced to institute a second price adjustment on all roof products and accessories. Trucking and labor shortages, along with recent tariffs imposed, have pushed up freight rates and have affected the entire nation’s ability to source product.

Pricing on all roof products and accessories will be adjusted with shipments effective June 15th, 2018, regardless of order date.


The adjustments listed below should be used as a guide in providing bids for any jobs shipping after June 15th, 2018.  Your Universal Supply representative will be contacting you with exact product pricing. Due to the current state of the industry, please be aware that additional price increases may follow beyond what has occurred so far this year.  

As always, it is very important to us to quickly provide you with the knowledge that will allow you to make sound business decisions and bid future jobs with confidence.  We will continue to keep you updated on current market conditions as they develop.


Residential Roofing Shingles:                                                                          $6 to $8 per square

Residential Accessories:                                                                                   5-7% increase  

Commercial Roofing Products and accessories:                                            6-10% increase


Thank you for your continued business.



Robert Rummel

Sales Manager, Universal Supply Co.