Universal Supply Co.

Commercial Roofing Update

Jul 31, 2018

With all the new changes going on in the Philadelphia market, Universal wants you to know we will continue to service and support the full line of Firestone building products including all your roofing and siding needs.


Please feel free to contact your Universal Supply Representative, below, with any questions.


Joe Chirdo

Cell - 609-685-6836 

Email - JChirdo@universalsupply.com

Terri Zerby

Cell - 609-204-6788 

Email - TZerby@universalsupply.com

John Umosella

Office - 609-704-8030

Email - John-Umosella@universalsupply.com

Steve Hymson

Office - 609-704-8030 

Email - SHymson@universalsupply.com