April Monthly Update 2020


In the effort to do our part controlling community spread, we are encouraging customers to call their orders in advance to our Sales Team @ we will pull your order and place in a designated area, which will be communicated when you call.  If you need to visit the counter, please do so, understanding our attempts to maintain the CDC suggested social distancing.  Please eliminate all physical contact and practice social distancing by attempting to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and other individuals.


Azek Building Products is switching to a new green-er standard.  This switch in recycled material means the color of the core of capped polymer deck and porch boards will transition to a uniform, medium-gray color.  Previously, the core matched the board’s cap color.  The deck boards affected by the change are:

  • Island Oak (Arbor Collection)
  • Silver Oak (Arbor Collection)
  • Coastline:  all widths and MAX (Vintage and Porch Collections
  • Dark Hickory: all widths (Vintage and Porch Collections)
  • Slate Gray: standard and wide widths and MAX (Harvest Collection)
  • Brownstone: wide width (Harvest Collection)

Interior Millwork

Intex has announced they discontinued the 8” Easy Wrap Post Wrap.  They have replaced it with the

8 ½” Easy Wrap Post Wrap. 

Wholesale Millwork has announced a price increase of approximately 8% on Primed FJ Moulding, Jambs and Boards.  We will adjust our prices effective immediately.

Roofing Residential

GAF has announced a wrapper change to both their Timberline Natural Shadow Shingle and Royal Sovereign.  This is only a package change.  Nothing is changing to the actual shingle.  Both products in the new wrapper are fully compatible with the existing inventory. 


CertainTeed Siding has announced that in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, they are going to incorporate their left-over dark color regrinding’s into the value soffit line.  Moving forward, the backside color of the CertainTeed T4 Value Soffit could look dark red, blue, gray or green, depending upon the regrind used during production. The color will vary by production run.
Here are the most important items for you and your customers to know:

  • Having a dark-colored backside on our T4 Value Soffit will NOT impact the soffit’s performance.
  • The color will NOT bleed-through the front of the panel. Once installed, no one will be able to tell that the backside is colored.
  • Soffit panels with different colored backsides CAN be installed together on the same job; in fact, we are specifically not designating the backside color of each carton on the exterior packaging, as the backside color does not impact its install or aesthetics.

James Hardie has announced a price increase of approximately 5% on all products.  We will adjust our prices effective with shipments on April 2, 2020.


MI Windows and Doors has announced 1555DH units are now using a mortise recessed lock.  






 Please consult with your USC sales representative for additional information.